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Client List

Evo Payments

This Dynamics AX 2012 R3 project includes many integrations to other software and many custom reports.

Our group has created more than ten inbound and outbound integrations which we are implemented using CSV import/export framework we developed.

For the Evo’s Polish division we are replacing a legacy system with AX, and re-implementing all of the integrations that the older software had.

Our most interesting integration is for the German division, where we extract the entire General Ledger from AX 2009 (aggregated) and import the data into AX 2012.

Our work also involves many additions and customizations to forms and reports.

Functional areas in this project include AR, AP, GL, Assets, Inventory.

Amphenol TCS

This was a project to finish the work of a Dell Consulting, which has left the project. Amphenol TCS uses Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for AR, AP, Inventory, GL, MRP and Production.

Rewrote 20 or more SSRS reports so that they run faster and display the correct data.

Developed an outbound EDI system that stages data, uses AIF to write to XML files, and then transforms the XML to EDI format and FTPs the files to the recipient.

Created an inbound data loading system that will read Excel files or CSV files which we are using for eight import programs.

The New York Times Company

  • Brought AX to the New York Times newspaper.
  • NYT uses AX for a unified data reporting system for the Times's digital and print businesses.
  • The custom system migrates data continuously from older systems to AX using DIXF.

D and H Distributing

  • Created an automated payment backend within AX.
  • Created several continuous data migrations into AX using AIF.

Microsoft Retail Group

  • Helped the Microsoft Retail Group compleate an upgrade from AX2009 to AX2012.
  • This project was largly a data migration effort.

General Motors Corporation

  • Helped General Motors compleate an upgrade from AX2009 to AX2012.
  • GM uses AX for tracking tool and dies used for pressing sheet metel.

Bonita Packing

  • Created a custom inventory management system in Microsoft Dynamics AX that layers over the standard inventory tracking code.
  • Created “RF Smart” based scanner software in C# to control the custom inventory management system described above from hand held barcode scanner computers.
  • Created systems for automating the scheduling of shipping appointment times controlled by predicted future supply and future demand.
  • Created a web site for entering fertilizer usage data via smart phone hardware to AX.
  • Created a system to reverse shipment and invoicing of selected product and reship it to a different customer.

Sapa Profiles

  • Rewrote their complex customized pricing system (in Microsoft Dynamics AX) by re-factoring the scattered and redundant code to create a single pricing module that works for all purposes.
  • Rewrote the packing and production feedback systems (in Microsoft Dynamics AX) to make them fool proof for the plant workers and improved the back-end transactions to better track inventory and reservations.
  • Wrote financial reports (in Microsoft Dynamics AX) to summarize general ledger transactions for certain accounts and departments.
  • Rewrote their shipping system (in Microsoft Dynamics AX)