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Client List

The New York Times Company

  • Brought AX to the New York Times newspaper.
  • NYT uses AX for a unified data reporting system for the Times's digital and print businesses.
  • The custom system migrates data continuously from older systems to AX using DIXF.

D and H Distributing

  • Created an automated payment backend within AX.
  • Created several continuous data migrations into AX using AIF.

Microsoft Retail Group

  • Helped the Microsoft Retail Group compleate an upgrade from AX2009 to AX2012.
  • This project was largly a data migration effort.

General Motors Corporation

  • Helped General Motors compleate an upgrade from AX2009 to AX2012.
  • GM uses AX for tracking tool and dies used for pressing sheet metel.

Bonita Packing

  • Created a custom inventory management system in Microsoft Dynamics AX that layers over the standard inventory tracking code.
  • Created “RF Smart” based scanner software in C# to control the custom inventory management system described above from hand held barcode scanner computers.
  • Created systems for automating the scheduling of shipping appointment times controlled by predicted future supply and future demand.
  • Created a web site for entering fertilizer usage data via smart phone hardware to AX.
  • Created a system to reverse shipment and invoicing of selected product and reship it to a different customer.

Sapa Profiles

  • Rewrote their complex customized pricing system (in Microsoft Dynamics AX) by re-factoring the scattered and redundant code to create a single pricing module that works for all purposes.
  • Rewrote the packing and production feedback systems (in Microsoft Dynamics AX) to make them fool proof for the plant workers and improved the back-end transactions to better track inventory and reservations.
  • Wrote financial reports (in Microsoft Dynamics AX) to summarize general ledger transactions for certain accounts and departments.
  • Rewrote their shipping system (in Microsoft Dynamics AX)