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Our Service

We are a full-service Dynamics AX/365 consulting firm. We learn what your company’s need are then fill the gap that the out of the box software does not provide. We have functional consultants who are experts the usage of the software as it applies to domains like accounting and inventory control. We have technical consultants who are computer programmers with expertise in programing new code within and around Dynamics AX/365.

Changes to the standard software can include:

  • Configuration of setup data
  • New integrations (data input/output)
  • New business logic (processing business data automatically)
  • User interface
  • Reports

Our consultants typically do things like:

  • Interviewing the client
  • Document business requirements (what data is going to be tracked in the software?)
  • Document functional requirements (how does the client want to use the software?)
  • Production support – helping the client solve issues with the software in everyday use.
  • Programming new solutions as per the requirements
  • Installing out of the box software.

Our project managers are experts at organizing the work that needs to be done and use software tools like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project, Microsoft TFS. They track what has been done, and will meet your business needs for your project.

Microsoft Dynamics 2009
We can help with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009
Microsoft Dynamics 2012
We can help with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
Microsoft Dynamics 7
We can help with Microsoft Dynamics AX 7